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I agree with you. 16 year olds need to have the ability to drive just as much as adults do. Teenagers need to be able to get to school, to get to work, to get to sport practices, to get to band practice, and even to go out with friends. It will just make it harder for the parents to drive their children around everywhere they need to go. Cars are necessary for mobility in this country, taking that away is a large disruption of teens for no good reason.

I disagree with you. Raising the driving age won't save lives. Studies show that it's inexperience, not age that causes accidents. According to the Central Michigan District Health Department raising the driving to 18 instead of 16 will just create inexperienced, accident-prone drivers at age 18 instead of 16.

I totally agree. One of my reasons why the driving age should stay 16 is because teens need to have early guidance from parents on how to drive for two years before their on their at college, move out of the house, and are on their own. According to, teen drivers with involved parents are twice as lucky to wear their seat belts. This organization also states that 56% of teenagers rely on their parents to learn how to drive. So if they raise the driving age to 18 their would be no time for their parents to help guide them on how to drive well as well as do the right thing on the when their on the road in two years.

I agree with Zoey. Changing the driving age to 18 will not cause less accidents and there will be more drunk, inexperienced drivers on the road. According to they said that studies show that most adults start drinking heavily at age 18 or so. That means more drunk driving which would equal a ton more homicides/suicides. Also, if they are 18 year olds and are drunk driving and they have very little experience on the roads that will cause even more problems and more crashes.

I disagree with you. The only reason why a 16 year old gets into more crashes is because of less experience. Changing the driving age to 18 won't help less crashes. According to sixteen-year-old drivers crash mostly because of inexperience. If the driving age is raised then 18 year olds will also crash because of inexperience. So changing the driving age to 18 won't cause less inexperienced crashes.

The driving age should not be change to 18 and should stay at the age of 16 for many reasons. Raising the driving age won't save lives from accidents, teens have the ability to drive just as much as anyone else, and teens need to have guidance from parents on how to drive well for 2 years before they move out of the house and are on their own with no help.

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