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I believe that the driving age should not it be changed.

Just because teenagers are young doesn't mean they are bad drivers. Some one who is just as could be just as bad as someone young and it has nothing to do with the age of the driver.

Raising the driving age will punish the responsible young drivers on the road. If they raise the driving age it will punish the teen drivers that are very responsible on the road and don't deserve to get a privilege taken away from them.

Teens need the ability just as much as any one else any other age. Teens need to be able to get out and take their solves places so parents get a break and if they don't have a ride they can take themselves.

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The driving age should not be raised.

One reason I think the age should not be raised is because, The experience not the age causes the accident. Another reason is Convenience, and my last reason is kids need the ability just as much as adults.

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