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I don't think it makes them look bad entirely. But i definitely see your point about wearing apparel and stereotyping what they look like.

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They are not making Native Americans look bad. they are just showing off their mascot if anything raising knowledge of Native Americans.

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I say that schools should change their mascots if they appear offensive. Because if a mascot is of an Arab then it could be quite offensive to Arab-Americans if the mascot looks angry and does strange things. One reason is it could be stereo typically offensive. Such as the ¨redskins¨ which means the scalp of an Indian. Which would be highly offensive. Another reason is they may be misunderstood. My example of that is the native american head dress with feathers meaning honor yet a mascot could use it with no idea of the meaning. Lastly, it could give a bad image of Indians or Arabs. Because they could have a bad or strange depiction of Arabs. So schools should change their mascot if it offends or shows something it shouldn't of someone/something.

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