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4 points

A point i would like to make is that a guy named Abel cooper took his daughter to a high school football game where she ended up crying when the mascots came running out. The cheerleader/mascot was wearing a headdress and buckskin clothing a typical stereotype.

5 points

I say we should change mascots to be politically correct because some people would take great offense. Its really disrespectful to hundreds of American Indian tribes across the United States. All of the tribes has there own culture and traditions but the mascots are showing them in a cartoonish and stereotypical way. Also the state of Wisconsin passed a law that bans mascots, logos and nicknames based on Native Americas. Another point is that the members of the Sioux tribe sued the university of North Dakota for keeping the nickname Fighting Sioux. Therefore I think we should change the mascots to be politically correct. My sources are the article Honor or Insult.

6 points

Another things kids are taking this too far! They are starting to get more violent when people are taking away their mascots. Teachers that went along with switching the mascots got their car keyed or even their tires popped.

5 points

Why would they take offense now? They have had these mascots and names for years! The stereotypes they also went along with too.

6 points

I say we shouldn't change the school mascots Because a lot of people love their mascots and they don't mean it in a racist way. In Coahcella valley they are proud to be called the "Arabs" and the mascot has changed over the years with the culture so they don't offend the Arabian Americans. Another thing is that most mascots have been there for 50-60 years maybe even longer.

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