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1 point

Well, do you think that it is ok to change the name to Redskins when only two people on the team are Native Americans. That is just like saying we are going to start a team and the team name is yellow jackets because two people like yellow jackets. I think the whole discrimination is true and I think it was started because they people who weren't Native Americans got mad that the team name because they didn't like it because it didn't represent them. So they kept the name to hurt, offend, and lower peoples self-esteem.

1 point

It is not just a name it can hurt, offend, Insult and lower their self-esteem. I believe that because a lot of team with names of "Redskins and Indians" stereotype the Indians. One way is that they wear headdresses and war paint, not all Indians wear headdresses and war paint. Another way is that all different tribes have different traditions and religious beliefs. Found from Insult or honor.

1 point

I think that they should change because one day a father took his daughter to a football game and the team was named the Redskins. The cheerleaders came out with a feathered dress on their heads and war paint on them. I then occurred to them that they were being mocked because they were from a native American tribe. The daughter started to cry and asking her dad if they could leave. The father then talked to a writer from the article Insult or honor and said, "That day would have to be the worst day of my life because no only my daughter cried but I was being mocked by people who I didn't even know which hurts a lot more."

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