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Not all teens drive irresponsibly. It's only a few that believe they're in charge and go and do whatever they want.

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I agree because people wait fro their whole lives to be able to drive and once people do get the ability to do so, they find it rewarding. It would really torture to not be able to drive and ask your parents for everything especially seeing as many teens have jobs at this point.

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The maturity gap between the two ages does not change that much. Yes I know the brain isn't fully developed, but 16 year old teens should be able to handle a car with average driving skills.

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But how old are these young drivers? I mean really. The maturity gap between ages 16 and 18 isn't really that different. 18 year old teens would be just as likely to crash. It all depends on how long the training program is so that could be changed.

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The driving age should not be raised because 16 year old teens should be able to manage driving a car. People say that it's because they don't have very good experience. But it doesn't matter because no matter what the age, they could have good experience behind the wheel. An 18 year old would not have any more experience than a 16 year old. And within that gap the maturity level does not change. It's basically at the highest it can get.

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