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RSS 19sgraham

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1 point

I disagree, it should not be changed to 18. From a personal story from Moore, she says that she has been on the road with people who are horrible drivers, but have had tons of experience, and has been on the road with people who just started driving and they are good and even better than some that have driven for awhile. So 16 year olds are not the ones who cause all the problems or are the worst and most dangerous on the road.

Supporting Evidence: Should 16 year olds drive? (
1 point

I agree with Paul. Off that reason I would add that from the article, "Driving age should not be raised" by A.J Rox, it even says that the brain is not fully developed until your early 20's.

Which means 16 year olds and 18 year olds are at the same risk based on their brain development. Also going off about the brain, 18 year olds are not the smartest about drinking. Many start drinking at age 18 says the article, so if teens are starting to drink at the same time they are starting to drive, I think we all no that would not good good! There would probably be even more accidents, and that's what we are trying to prevent.

Supporting Evidence: Driving age should not be raised (
1 point

Supporting my reason that teens need to be able to drive and raising the age won't save lives comes from Alex Koroknay Palicz from National Youth Rights Association. (NYRA)

They say and I agree that people judge younger teens for accidents before some of them even have the chance to drive. And that is not fair! And 18 year olds are still accident-prone, and inexperienced. They shouldn't banned 16 year olds for deaths if they don't ban men from the roads. The NYRA (National Youth Rights Association), says that more men kill someone driving compared to women, so if men are a reason for accidents, only woman should drive. But that never took place so they shouldn't judge the teens.

Supporting Evidence: Should the driving age be raised to 18? (
1 point

I again agree with Zoey. That is so true because it is not good having to drive at such a older age. From the article, "Driving age should not be raised," A.J Rox confirms that 16 year olds will be getting jobs rarely because they will not be able to drive themselves there. 16 year olds need to be able to drive. Like I said so they can get to jobs, and like Zoey already said, they need to be able to get to dances, dates, and events that adults can't take them to. Also starting at an older age will get in your way of school, because you will be just learning how to drive when you are starting collage, which I think teens need to know how to drive by then, and be used to it. And you should think about that too.

Supporting Evidence: Driving age should not be raised (
1 point

I agree with Zoey because that is so true. The fact is from "A.J. Rox, Driving age should not be raised," being a 16 teen year old inexperienced with driving is that same as being a 18 year old. Just because you start later in age doesn't mean you are more experienced. They are all starting a new thing. Like stated before, raising the driving age will not stop people from dying with inexperienced drivers, it just delays the time they die from crashes.

Supporting Evidence: Driving age should not be raised (
1 point

The driving age should stay 16 and not be raised to 18.

There are many reasons why, 18 year olds are not any safer than a 16 year old, Teens need to be able to drive, Raising the age will not save lives, Some people are better than others at driving, and it isn't good having to drive at such a older age.

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